Association Fran├žaise Edwards Deming
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The French Deming Association was founded in February 1989 by Mr. Jean-Marie Gogue. This initiative was supported by Dr. Deming, who was made Honorary Life Member in July 1989, during a seminar he led in Versailles. We are a learning organization, essentially devoted to education and research, not aimed at profit-making. Our purpose is to help our members and to coordinate their studies, in order to promote a way of management which respects human dignity.

What we need is cooperation and transformation to a new style of management.

W. Edwards Deming : The new Economics (1994)


Dr. Deming with a group of French people, at a four day seminar in London, 1992.

Jean-Marie Gogue was a student, a friend and an assistant of Dr. Deming. You can download his French manual Statistique pratique, as well as his applications for statistics : Cora, Daisy, Norma, Bonnie (French version), Alice and Movira (English version). Absolutely free ! Alice is a wonderful tool for the Student Test. Movira is a wonderful tool for control charting. Have a look !

Look at our list of basic books. They will help you understand the Deming management philosophy. First and foremost, you must read Out of the Crisis, a great book published in 1983, that millions of people in the world have read already. Look at our selected papers. You will find papers that haven't been published in the USA so far.

The Deming's Fourteen Points are well known. Deming also wrote 66 Questions to Help Managers (chapter 5 of Out the Crisis). They were the thread of a debate that Jean-Marie Gogue led in 1996 on the Deming Electronic Network : The Deming Questions.

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