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Statistical Tools

These applications have been designed and developped by Jean-Marie Gogue. They are in full agreement with the methods invented by Walter Shewhart and Sir Ronald Fisher in the XXth century. They help solve many problems based on numerical data. They can prevent you from many judgment errors. Downloading is free.

  Student Test Alice 2.5 Windows (English) 5.4 Mo Alice 2.5 Linux ( English) 4.9 Mo
    Alice 2.5 MAC (English) 4.0 Mo Alice instructions for use 90 Ko
  Control Chart Movira 2.8 Windows (English) 5.5 Mo Movira 2.8 Linux (English) 4.9 Mo
    Movira 2.8 MAC (English) 4.0 Mo Movira instructions for use 90 Ko
  Normality Test Norma 1.2 Windows (English) 5.3 Mo Norma 1.2 Linux (English) 4.7 Mo
    Norma 1.2 MAC (English) 3.8 Mo Norma instructions for use 90 Ko
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All computers are protected by antivirus. If you cannot open an application, you will find the answer in "System Preferences".


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